Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Work post India. London Spring and Chelsea football

The painting trip to Varanasi has sharpened me up to the colours of London! I was lucky enough to arrive back just as spring was beginning.  Spring brings very subtle colours and I've been seeking out the electric, bright ones in the spectrum.

On Saturday I pastelled the Chelsea crowds at Stamford Bridge.  The light was fantastic and the blues on the Souvenir stand were magnificent

Chelsea Match Day, Crowds Arriving

The noise from the stands as Chelsea scored 6-nil win was deafening.  Nothing could prepare me for the crowds leaving the stadium into the brightly lit Fulham road.  It was rather quieter than I was expecting but the atmosphere was fantastic.

Crowds leaving the stadium, Stamford Bridge

The light in march has been good and there have been some great sunrises and sunsets.

First light, Old Church Street, Chelsea

Bolton Gardens, Earls Court, late afternoon

Even when the light is dull and fading, the flowers glow.

Narcissi, Kensington Palace, Late Afternoon

 Daffodils, Tite Street

This is the small board I have done for Wimbledon Art Studios open show in May

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