Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday 28th May - Jubileetastic!

I've been lurking in and around the streets of the West End, looking at the extraordinary range of flags and bunting which seem to be mushrooming at the moment for the Jubilee.  I took a bus up and down Regent and Oxford Streets to get a closer look at the vibrant colours of the Union Jack plastered across the streets. It helps to think of Austin Powers!  The wonderful weather has been superb for painting.

Oxford St, Flags

Regent St, Flags and Buses

Buckingham Palace, concert preparation

Also went to the Chelsea Flower Show on Saturday and was impressed by the plant sale at the end of the last day.  People staggered to Sloane Square station laden down with huge plants and flowers. With the late afternoon light behind them and the mass of people and plants, it had a Palm Sunday feel.

Chelsea Flower Show, Route to Sloane Square after plant sale

Off to Horse Guards tomorrow; the Changing of the Guard has been a great exercise in getting the colour 
down as quickly as possible. Only hope the weather continues!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Open Studio at Wimbledon

May 10-13:  Open Studio Show at Wimbledon Art Studios, 402 Blue Building, London, SW17 0BB (

Getting myself prepared for the Spring/Summer show and showing my new collection of work - Spring in London and Nice. Contrary to this month's soggy weather, it's been quite sunny in London over march and april.  I've thrown myself into that glorious soft light and colour.  Blossom, deckchairs, commuters and tourists.  This is also in preparation for Jubilee work which is getting underway.  Nice was very colourful, loud and bright and a good contrast to London (after the odd gust and shower!) Great sight of figures dissolving into the light of the med at the top of the chateau.

Spring flowers and light, Buckingham Palace

Tourists and Almond Blossom, St James' Park

 Panorama, Chateau, Nice

My studio show is from tomorrow, 10-13 May, most of the studios are open.  I'm rather excited about designing a QR code, with my website, for my handouts.