Wednesday, 27 June 2012

London in June

Plunging back into work after the Chelsea Art Society and other shows,  I returned to finish a Jubilee painting off Leicester Square.  The flags were just still up but the street had old chicken bones and broken glass where I had put my easel. I reckon that it is nearly time to put away the bunting and move on to the Olympics and other summer events (my Jubilee work will be on a separate page on my website I started with sketching at a cricket match, by the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.  I'm still in the dark about what it's all about but the action is wonderful to sketch and pastel is ideal, particularly with the whites against the green.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Jubilee work

Selfridges, Flags, Buses, Oxford Street
What a fantastic couple of weeks to be a painter!  London looked, and continues to look, in party mode - lots of flags, bunting and other decorations for the Golden Jubilee.  I pastelled away in the Mall, Soho, Whitehall, Oxford/Regent streets, street parties and sketched the gun salute at the Tower of London.  I also sketched the Trooping of the Colour rehearsal last week.  The speed of the marching certainly helped me to galvanise myself in to action for Flotilla work.

Trooping of the Colour Rehearsal

Waiting for Flotilla, Blackfriars

The flotilla was extraordinary, one of the grandest sights I have seen. It was not just the view of the boats and barges; it was the crowd, the noise of the cheering, the bells and the rich variety of architecture along the Thames which provided an extraordinary backdrop.  I was fortunate enough to be at the City of London School with about 19 other painters. Many thanks to Ellis Whitcomb - it was an incredible view..
What a memorable and inspiring experience - rain and pastel are not the best of friends though.

Further work will be on my website later on this week.

Waiting for Flotilla - barges going upriver

Crowds waiting for Flotilla (in progress)

Crowds picknicking, St James' Park (before the bad weather!)

I will be showing work at the following:

Chelsea Art Society, Annual Open
(Town Hall, Kings Road SW3, 21-25 June) where I am a member

With Surface ICA at Barossa, New Kings Road,  (Jubilee show 14th June)
St Mary,  The Boltons SW10 - 2012 Art Exhibition  (14th-20 June)

For further details please see my website

Jubilee Party,  Cleaver Square

Waiting for the Procession, Mall - Jubilee

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubileetastic II

Still working away at the Jubilee - flags and bunting still sprouting all over the place - street parties galore too! Four of my Jubilee pastels are in the window of Medici Gallery in Cork Street at the moment.
Lots of projects - gun salute this morning, Flotilla tomorrow by Tate Modern, street parties on monday and procession on tuesday.  Better stock up on some red, white and blue and fingers crossed for the weather! New work will be posted up next week.