Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Adventures in colour in Varanasi 1

I arrived back in London over a fortnight ago and still digesting the dazzling and wonderful colours, movement and light that India has in copious amounts!

Varanasi from the Ganges

It is the most inspiring of places and I was lucky enought to be with the most inspiring group of painters. 

Varanasi was electric; I have described it as sticking your fingers into a plug socket! The energy is extraordinary; colour is bright and harmonies and clashes unexpected.

Crowds, Prayag Ghat, Varanasi

You can never expect anything to stay still for long and have to make decisions fast!

By the Rashmi Guest House

I will be putting up the work in a series of different blogs but here is a selection:

Flags and Crowds, Dasaswamedh Ghat

Bathing , Prayag,  Varanasi

Washing and railings, Prayag Ghat

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