Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Late Summer Light and new exhibitions - Thames Festival, Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park 4-15 September

The summer has sped past quickly and it's rather a surprise to find myself well into September.  There has been some glorious weather and I've been out and about around the west end of London.  I love the noise and excitement of the place - from the bustle of crowds to large red buses.  The light was particularly dazzling in Oxford Street last week.

Oxford Street, late summer afternoon

 There was not a moment to waste! Lights change and traffic moves on!  It forced me to utterly concentrate - strangely enough I found it rather peaceful as everything else needs to be blocked out.

One of the things I most love about London is the early morning - when the day is just starting and people are on their way to work.  I find mornings so positive - life is starting anew.

Piccadilly, Early Morning towards the Ritz

Parliament Square, Early Morning  

In contrast to Piccadilly and Oxford street I have also been along the South Bank.  I feel that this is the nearest equivalent to Paris we have got.   I love the laid back, holiday feel of the place as well as the sheer joy of the arts. 

Under Waterloo Bridge, afternoon

Under Hungerford Bridge, late afternoon light

This selection of  work will be going into Cityscapes show at Medici Gallery, Cork Street, 3-31st October http://www.medicigallery.co.uk/next_show.htm

I am also exhibiting my Pageant work at the Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park 4-15 september.   This is part of the Thames Festival. http://thamesfestival.org/events/info/artists-of-the-river-pageant.  There are works by 50 different painters and it is well worth a visit as it conjures up one of the most spectacular river events ever witnessed on the Thames.  There has been some good press coverage too: http://www.itv.com/news/london/2013-09-03/jubilee-river-pageant-art-goes-on-display/

The jewel of the exhibition is by Julian Barrow, a very great painter who will be horribly missed.

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