Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pintar Rapido and in and around Chelsea

The weather has finally turned and I've been lucky enough to get out and seize the light!  A few weeks ago I was beginning to think London was permanently cloudy and cold (I wore my winter clothes and a hat at the end of June).  The flags were up on the Mall for Trooping the Colour and the Coronation.  I was reconciled to greys and enjoyed it in the skies and flags. Sunday, I have learned, is the best time to be out there as the Mall is closed off to traffic.

I have pastelled in Chelsea too, in streets around the Royal Hospital.  The early morning and evening colours have been a delight to explore.

On Saturday I participated in Pintar Rapido, a painting festival around Kensington and Chelsea.  Work painted on Saturday, between 9am and 8pm was framed and exhibited on Sunday in Chelsea Town Hall. 
It was a magnificent sight to see - masses of painters along the Embankment and Sloane Square.  It was also a great opportunity to discuss and share plein air ideas.  I got terrible easel envy.

I relished the challenge and produced 3 pastels. I put the second one in.  The atmosphere was amazing and I'll certainly participate in more. 

Burton Court, Chelsea Early Morning Light

Ormonde Gate, Mid Afternoon

Chelsea Embankment, Early Evening

Mall - Trooping the Colour

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