Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Chelsea Art Society coming up next week!

Time has sped and I realise that its been months since I last posted.  It's been a busy couple months with my studio show and trying to pin down the ever changing  light.  Over the last 6 weeks London has become a new place; transformed by spring.

The blossom this year has been lovely. I always forget what a great surprise it is when it finally appears.  I based myself off Old Church Street in Kensington where some of the best can be seen

Blossom, Brunswick Gardens

Blossom, Holland Park

 I particulary enjoyed including dog walkers and joggers - they became pieces of light

Daffodils, St James' Park
 As part of my Pageantry series, I am pastelling the Mall and rehearsals for the Trooping the Colour.  On Sundays the traffic is closed off and, early in the morning, it is so quiet and green it almost feels as though you are far away in the countryside.

Mall with Flags, Late Morning
Mall with Flags, Afternoon Light

Mall with Flags, Evening Light

The rehearsals for the Trooping the Colour have also been underway and are a great spectacle.  Selfie sticks are however a hazard! There is no time to stare, just to pile in the light and colour where it best fits! More will be added next week after the Birthday Parade and picnic on the Mall

Flags fever abounds at the moment!
Buses and flags, Regent street

There have been some extraordinarily beautiful mornings. The very early morning light in London is magical, particularly around Parliament Square and the river.  I did a quick sketch yesterday. Very few people and traffic were around. 

Chelsea Art Society is next week at the Old Town Hall, Kings Road 16-20 June.  This year is proving to be bigger and better than ever.    Further information can be found on http://www.chelseaartsociety.org.uk/

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