Monday, 22 February 2016

Winter Work in London

The clear, strong winter light in London has been fascinating to paint.  The buildings of South Kensington are almost impossible to paint without sunglasses and I've come to realise that the dazzling white of the buildings is like painting snow .  I've continued to be transfixed by the play of light and shadows up and down buildings during the day.  The week before last I went to Soho - the Chinese New Year celebrations were in full swing

Chinese Lanterns and Light, Macclesfield Street, Soho

One of the projects I'm setting up is the street where I live. I do commissions of streets which have personal associations.  A massive plus point about working outside is meeting interesting and positive people who enhance the place. I had some really interesting conversations after working on these pieces.

Sumner Place, Mid Morning, South Kensington

But I'm always amazed by the everyday miracle of early morning light.  The ordinary is made extraordinary (although it is pretty nippy!)

Elm Park Gardens, Early Morning Light

I've also been taking advantage of the roadworks on Serpentine bridge, The large mirrorlike surface of the Serpentine is a gem. .

Serpentine, before Sunrise

The Pastel Society opens today and continues until the 5th February ( at the Mall Galleries, off Trafalgar Square. The Small Paintings Group at Piers Feetham Gallery, Fulham Road finishes on thursday 25th February.

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