Friday, 11 December 2015

December work

It's very mild in London at the moment; it makes a great change to work on the Christmas lights without your fingers freezing off. Another advantage of this time of year is that you can get a (relative) lie in as sunrise is about 8am - on the minus side, light is very precious as it gets dark so quickly.

On wednesday the light was superb; one of those winter days where everything looks good in London.  I headed up to St James' and then to Parliament square, then on to Piccadilly.

I had to work very quickly to get the light down;on St James' street the brightness of the traffic lights and lights on the cars rapidly made way to the early morning reflections on the windows of the buildings.

In Whitehall, working into the bright midday sun, it was wonderfully tonal.  The only colour was red from the telephone box and endless stream of buses

I finished up in Piccadilly at sunset where the traffic lights and car lights became more pronounced as the light faded and the glorious Christmas lights in Bond street came to life again


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