Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

Mid December and it's been one of the busiest and exciting periods in my painting life.  The exhibtions have exceeeded my expectations and my work is in Cork Street for the fourth time this year.

There are three pastels of the speed walk are in the Medici Christmas show, Art for All - http://www.medicigallery.co.uk/ and runs to the 24th December.

Regent Street Lights 2012

At the moment I am concentrating on London over Christmas at night.  There are some glorious Christmas lights at the moment and I've worked on ones on the Kings Road, Elizabeth Street, Pimlico and Regent Street.  They give such delight.  I think it's important to include shoppers, buses and brake lights.  There is so much bustle and action at the moment. I was very impressed by the generousity of the bank who left their lights on until the cleaner left so that I could see to pastel.  It has been hideously cold though and necessity breeds invention to try and keep the fingers from freezing to my pastel box. All suggestions welcome - I'm trying to track down battery heated socks..

Further projects to the end of this year will include the ice skating rinks and the Christmas markets which abound and more lights.  Plenty of exciting projects lie ahead in 2013 and I plan to produce a series on the Shard as well as more paths into London.  The light at this time of year is so lovely.

Happy Christmas and here's to lots more pastelling! 

Kings Road lights 2012

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