Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Olympic/Paralympic work and Autumn Anticipation

Autumn light, evening, Parliament Square

London has quietened down – the brightly covered hoarding that surrounded so much of the capital has been removed as has the loud purple and pinks used to identify Olympic/Paralympic sites in tube stations. It is duller for the lack of them.  Happily autumn is well on its way and trees are beginning to turn .  In between the rain showers the light has been rich and golden. Lots to look forward to., especially since I’ve acquired a collapsible stool to stand on and be above crowd level. New views.

I have been going through my summer games work in preparation for Art for Youth and my studio opening and making adjustments where necessary. I really don’t like to work back in the studio for the risk of losing the spontaneity and experience of the moment.  I try to avoid the specific and feel that it is better to stare and get one’s own impression of the action, be it people, light or mood.   

Excel, Evening light - Olympics
Olympic Park at night

One of the unexpected joys of working outside, are some of people who come up, who don’t intrude but give interesting feedback.  I’ve also had some great photos. This is by James:

Pastelling on the Strand, Olympic Parade

Last week I went to Winsor and Newton to explore acrylic and found more potential in the medium that I had supposed.  I’m going to try it out.  It was an extraordinary experience to tour around the laboratory and reminded me how crucial it is to consider and experiment with materials. On with the new work!

Pastelling the Marathon by St Paul's Cathedral, London Olympics (Andrew Bright)

My work can be seen at:


Art for Youth http://www.artforyouth.com (10-11 Oct) Royal College of Art

Green and Stone, Charity Auction, The Study, Blandford St (10-19 Oct)http://www.greenandstone.com

Open Studio (402)  Wimbledon Art Studios, http://www.wimbledonartstudios.co.uk/

Tite St Group Exhibition, Daggett Gallery, 225 Kensington Church Street, W8 (19-23 Nov) 

Surface ICA at Barossa, New Kings Road SW6, www.surfaceica.com  (10 Sept - 12 Dec)

Athletes and Crowds cheering, Olympic Parade


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