Friday, 17 August 2012

Olympic London

London has held 3 great events in the last year or so and getting ready for the next one! What a great party city it has turned out to be! I have found new parts of town I never realised existed.

The Olympics have been compelling to watch and paint.  The crowds, the atmosphere and determination of the athletes to be the best they can.  The feeling has been electric throughout the past fortnight and continues. It's lovely to know there's more to look forward to with the Paralympics.  There was a great sense of the world coming to stay. I was interviewed by Kenyan TV and a variety of projects including

I have finally invested in foldup steps which has made a great improvement to my work as I can now see over on to the action. Below is a selection of work, pastel on linen board, they are still very much at the easel stage.

Mall - Eve of the London Olympics/testing out the sound system

London Olympics: Elm Park Gardens, Fulham Road, Men's Cycling Race

London Olympics: 50km Speed walk - Constituion Hill
London Olympics: Men's Speed Walking, by Buckingham Palace

London Olympics: Speed walking, end of race!

London Olympics: Marathon by St Paul's Cathedral

On the final day of the Olympics I was approached by a member of Team USA Basketball for 3 sketches of Tower Bridge with the rings. 3 sketches in under 3 hours - it was quite a race in itself!

Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings

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